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Lamb/Goat Cut Instructions

Our Lamb/Goat Cut Instructions tell us how to cut your order. You can call us with your instructions, or they can be dropped off with your animal. All instructions are due within 2 days of the drop-off date. Featured below are additional instructions to help you fill out the form properly. If you would like a printable pdf file, click here.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 114856.png

(+.40/lb )









Keep Liver - slice

MISC: Any additional notes or requests can be written here. Example - Keep Heart and liver. 

At the top please fill out your name, the farmers name that sold you the animal, and your phone number. Then mark how you would like it packaged.

*Vacuum Packaging is included in your cost. Double Wrapped packaging is an additional $0.40/lb on hang weight.

Customize your cuts: 

CHOPS: Fill out how many you want per package and how thick you would like them cut. Our standard cut thickness is 3/4" but we can accommodate thicker or thinner.

LEGS: Place an 'X' if you would like the leg left whole. Otherwise we can put it into roasts or steaks. Please fill out how many pounds per roast or how many steaks per package.

SHOULDERS: Your shoulder can be put into roasts or steaks. Please fill out how many steaks per pack or how many pounds per roast. 

GROUND: We offer Bulk or Patties. 

Patties are an additional $1.00/lb. We offer them in 1/4lb (4-1), 1/3lb (3-1) or 1/2lb (2-1). Please specify your preference. We can package 4, 6 or 8 per package -- please circle your preference. 

Bulk: We can provide bulk in 1/2lb increments starting at 1lb (ex. 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb).

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