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Custom Butchering

Your Meat Your Way

At Integrity, we pride ourselves on transparency and simplicity in our fee structure. That's why we offer a flat-rate processing fee based off your hang weight. With this approach, our customers benefit from clear and predictable costs. Specialty items will have additional charges. 

Drop Off Information

1. You must have an appointment to drop off your animal(s). You will receive a Confirmation Call one week prior to your appointment. Call for drop off times/instructions.

        ****Beginning January 1, 2025 we will be charging $25/head for no-shows and cancellations.****

2. Our Pen System has been designed with both the farmer and animal in mind. We ask that you move your animal to the next open pen in ascending order. Example: The first animal should go to Pen #2, second to Pen #3, third to Pen #4 and so on. We understand that not all animals are willing to cooperate however, we ask that you do your best walk them as far as possible. This provides a safe and easy drop-off for the next person.

3. Please use the walkways! Do not get in the pen with your animal. Our 'human' walkways provide a safe space for you while moving your animal to the correct pen. Every pen can be reached through these walkways. Also, DO NOT leave your animal in the walkways.

4. Write your name and phone number on the Pen Sheet that is hanging to the right of the door. This allows us to track your animal. We will call the phone number you provide with hang weights.

5. Cut Instructions: ALL Cut instructions are due within 2 days of drop off. Please have your customers call within those two days. If we do not have instructions within the proper time frame, we will process the animal per our 'Regular Cut' option (see cut instruction sheet). 

If you have any questions, please call the office or contact numbers on the gate.

Image by Bruno Martins

Cut Instructions

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